Ohio Democracy Advocates Win Latest Victory in Battle for Citizens Redistricting Commission

State Ballot Board approves proposed ballot measure as one question

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, the Ohio Ballot Board determined that the Citizens Not Politicians proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution is a single subject. This step enables the campaign to begin collecting the required 413,487 signatures from Ohio voters that will place the issue on the November 2024 ballot. 

Statement from Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio’s executive director

“We are so pleased we can begin collecting the signatures needed to place redistricting reform on the ballot. Ohioans have been fighting gerrymandering for years, and we now know it is not enough to put prohibitions on gerrymandering in the Ohio Constitution. That’s why in a newly released report, Ohio received an ‘F’ on redistricting, an ‘unmitigated disaster.’ It’s time to take mapmaking out of the hands of elected officials and create a truly fair and transparent independent citizens redistricting commission. 

We are finally past the hurdles of the initial stage and voters should expect to see redistricting reformers collecting signatures at upcoming community events and outside polling locations in Free Speech zones across the Buckeye State.

Make no mistake: We are looking forward to working with voters and advocates all over Ohio to stop the manipulation of voting districts and create more meaningful elections and representative government.”