Common Cause Ohio Launches Timeline Tool to Highlight ‘Non-stop Cycle of Bucking’ in State Redistricting Process

COLUMBUS, OH — Common Cause Ohio today released its timeline tool detailing the history of Ohio’s redistricting process since 2020. 

The timeline — a Knightlab-created tool that integrates photos, Tweets, videos, and other multimedia forms — is intended for the press and public to be informed of the ongoing delay toward creating fair maps in Ohio. The timeline will be updated periodically to reflect new developments in the mapmaking process.

“The Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Redistricting Commission have played games and manipulated district lines to manipulate Ohio elections for the last two years,” said Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio Executive Director. “From dragging their feet to openly defying the Ohio Supreme Court to the August Primary, and beyond, the redistricting process has been a non-stop cycle of bucking Ohio voters and the Ohio Constitution.

“With Common Cause Ohio’s newly launched timeline tool, we hope to shine a light on our leaders’ missteps and finally hold them accountable. Available to both the public and press, we’re doing the work to keep all Ohioans informed and continue the call for truly transparent mapmaking and districts that will equitably represent Ohio communities and voters.”

Most recently, congressional mapmaking was in the hands of the Ohio Redistricting Commission after the Ohio state legislature failed to act in time. However, the commission failed to even reconvene in enough time to draw new congressional district maps, missing the Sept. 16 deadline provided to them by the Ohio Supreme Court.

As of now, the timeline begins with the census and ends with Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor’s commitment to work on redistricting reform following her retirement from the bench. The Ohio Supreme Court struck down five sets of General Assembly maps and two congressional maps.

The timeline can be found here under the “Resources” tab.