Updates from Ohio – April Showers Bring…Blooming Activism

April is in full bloom and so is our effort to collect signatures to get an amendment to create a  citizens redistricting commission on the ballot in November. Our volunteers are doing amazing things, and with nicer weather on the way, there will be no stopping us! But the effort to get Citizens Not Politicians on the ballot  isn’t the only item on our agenda this month. Please enjoy these updates and consider joining us at an upcoming event.

Redistricting Updates – Fair Districts Leading the Pack

Common Cause Ohio is at the forefront of the battle to end gerrymandering in Ohio. We help organize the Fair Districts coalition – the most active, involved, and effective of Citizens Not Politicians campaign partners, bringing the full force of our 12,000-member coalition to the statewide effort. 

*** Join us for the Fair Districts All Volunteer Huddle –  Wed. April 10 @ 6 pm, with special guest, former Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor.

Fair Districts by the Numbers:

  • Volunteers: Over 2,500 signed up
  • Trained: Over 2,000
  • Regional Hubs: 7
  • Leaders: 300+
  • Local teams: 80+
  • Petition Circulation trainings: 18
  • Distributed: 400+ event signs, 1,115 t-shirts, 700 beanies and 22,000 stickers

Donate to End Gerrymandering

The Citizens Not Politicians amendment will take mapmaking away from elected officials and give it to an independent citizens redistricting commission similar to those used in Arizona, California, Colorado, and our neighbor Michigan. Read the petition and our amendment FAQs, and consider joining our work. This map shows where our Fair District leaders and volunteers are mobilizing. Reach out to the team nearest to you to get involved, or sign up at our volunteer sign up link.

If you are interested in signing the petition, use this link to find a signature collection event – and bring along your family or friends! 

Election Protection

Ohio’s Election Protection coalition mobilized more than 100 poll monitors to help voters during the 2024 March primary. There were also 250 Fair Districts volunteer circulators at the polls with hotline resources in case they were needed. 

Turnout numbers eclipsed the 2022 primary, with many voters taking advantage of early vote and vote-by-mail options. Our team remained on alert for any necessary rapid response during Election Day and hosted social media monitoring sessions to report disinformation. Election Protection Ambassadors put nearly 500 yard signs at polling locations, and distributed 15,000 promotional cards and hundreds of posters with information about 866-OUR-VOTE across the state.

Common Cause is a leader in the national Election Protection coalition and continues to explore innovative ways to support and advocate for voters. We will need all hands on deck for the November Presidential Election.

You can help this year by distributing 866-OUR-VOTE materials and yard signs, supporting voters at the polls, monitoring social media mis/disinformation, or helping us follow Boards of Elections through certification. Commit today to become a nonpartisan volunteer.

Election Security Updates

Since the March 19 Primary, county Boards of Elections (BOEs) have been hard at work reviewing provisional and absentee ballots and assessing the outcome of the election. Common Cause Ohio is working with other voter advocate organizations to track and analyze election administration up until the certification on April 9.

Twenty-eight observers are attending nearly 20 Boards of Elections meetings in big and small counties, and we’re compiling the data. This Ohio Canvass Monitoring Program is an exciting way to participate in our democracy after each Election Day. Better understanding how election officials canvass the vote, certify the election, and audit their work helps us be better voting advocates. Each step is open to the public. 

We are watching for issues such as:

  • Strict photo ID laws impacting voters
  • New equipment integration
  • Innovative ways for training and voter education
  • Consistent application of Secretary of State directives

Dark Money Updates – Householder Headlines Again

We are still living with the cost of corruption and the consequences of dark money. It’s not just that Ohio ratepayers continue to subsidize two failing coal plants – last week, former Speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder was indicted on 10 additional state felony counts related to the $60 million scheme. Among other charges, Householder is accused of misuse of public dollars and using campaign contributions to pay his legal bills. 

Sam Randazzo, former chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, along with former FirstEnergy executives Chuck Jones and Michael Dowling, were also recently charged for their alleged roles in propping up two nuclear plants. Reports suggest strong connections between the DeWine administration and FirstEnergy. We are watching to see what will be uncovered next and will continue to advocate for greater transparency to reduce corruption.

Upcoming Events

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