NEW: Civil Rights Groups File State Lawsuit Over North Carolina Redistricting Failures

Common Cause joined the North Carolina NAACP, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and individual voters in filing a state lawsuit challenging the North Carolina legislature’s process for drawing new NC House and Senate voting maps. Read more

NEW: The Legislature’s deeply flawed redistricting fails the people of North Carolina

“We are profoundly concerned that the legislature’s deeply flawed redistricting process has produced deeply flawed voting maps,” said Bob Phillips of Common Cause NC. “We are troubled that these districts would especially hurt Black voters, harmfully split communities and undermine the freedom of North Carolinians to have a voice in choosing their representatives. Our state deserves better.” Read more

With your help, we can demand a fairer, more inclusive redistricting process in 2021 that protects our communities and gives us a true voice in our elections.

It’s crucial that you and your community speak up and play an active part in the map-drawing process.

TAKE ACTION! Make your voice heard:

The following congressional and legislative districts were adopted by the legislature on Nov. 4, 2021. This information is provided here in the interest of transparency and public education only and does not constitute an opinion on or endorsement of these maps by Common Cause.

Congressional Map

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NC Senate Map

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NC House Map

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What is gerrymandering?

Every 10 years, North Carolina’s congressional and legislative voting districts are redrawn to account for population changes shown in the latest U.S. census. That’s called redistricting, and it’s happening this year.

But when politicians abuse redistricting and manipulate our voting maps to unfairly cling to their power, that’s called gerrymandering. For decades, politicians have gerrymandered our voting maps in North Carolina.

Gerrymandering threatens our democracy, and especially hurts Black and brown voters in North Carolina, as politicians split up communities, divide neighbors and undermine our freedom to choose our representatives.

As the North Carolina legislature draws new districts this year, we must stand up, speak out and demand fair voting maps for all people, completely free from gerrymandering.

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