People’s Town Hall in Raleigh: North Carolinians share their views on issues facing the state



RALEIGH – North Carolinians from throughout the Triangle and across the state gathered in Raleigh on Tuesday evening to share their views, concerns, and priorities for this year’s legislative session at the People’s Town Hall.

The town hall was hosted by the nonpartisan People’s Coalition, which includes a wide array of pro-democracy groups and grassroots advocates. North Carolinians packed the Fellowship Hall at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, speaking passionately about critical issues facing North Carolina and the need for elected officials to be responsive to the public.

Earlier this month, hundreds of North Carolinians marched to the NC Legislative Building in Raleigh to hand-deliver invitations for House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger to attend the People’s Town Hall. But despite those personal invitations, neither Speaker Moore nor Sen. Berger attended the town hall on Tuesday.

A recording of the People’s Town Hall will be sent to Speaker Moore and Sen. Berger with the encouragement that they – and all members of the General Assembly – listen to the voices of everyday North Carolinians conveyed at the meeting.

Some state legislators did take the time to attend the town hall and hear from the public, including Sen. Lisa Grafstein of Wake County and Rep. Eric Ager of Buncombe County.

The People’s Town Hall in Raleigh is the first of what will be a series of town hall events held throughout the state in the coming weeks, with lawmakers invited to hear from members of the community. Learn more about the People’s Coalition and upcoming events.

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