Good Govt Groups: Told You So! NY Needs Citizen Led Redistricting NOW

On April 20th, pursuant to court order, the Independent Redistricting Commission voted on “new” New York State Assembly lines. In response, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY, Blair Horner, Executive Director of NYPIRG, and Laura Bierman, Executive Director of League of Women Voters NYS, issued the following statement:

“The Assembly maps drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission are almost identical to the maps drawn by the Assembly already in place – showing that this whole process was a waste of New Yorkers’ time and money. New Yorkers deserve non-partisan maps not drawn by politicians who have their own stake in the outcome. We have long maintained that people, not politicians, should decide what the maps look like. If New York lawmakers want to respond to voters’ desire that this chaos never happens again, they must advance an amendment that enshrines a truly independent redistricting process into the constitution.”