Common Cause/NY Pushes for Details on Hochul’s 2M State of the State

In response to news that Governor Hochul paid nearly $2M to Deloitte Consulting and the Boston Consulting Group on her State of the State speech, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY issued the following statement:

“Common Cause/NY was surprised to read in the New York Times that the Governor spent $2M on outside consultants to help craft the State of State. New Yorkers deserve to know what they got for that seven figure expenditure of their tax dollars. The creeping privatization of government is an ongoing concern that Common Cause/NY has expressed repeatedly – specifically as it relates to the drain of talent away from public service – and we plan to FOIL the Comptroller for the contracts to further understand what New Yorkers paid for. It is unclear why it was necessary to outsource such an assignment to begin with.”