On November 5, 2019, voters in Syracuse overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the city charter to change the way redistricting happens in Syracuse.

This change will put people, not politicians in charge of drawing districts and require mapmakers to apply impartial criteria to new maps.

Under the prior charter provision, the Common Council had sole authority in determining the boundaries of the 5 Council districts.  These boundaries have been unchanged since 2001 and it is expected after the 2020
Census there will be a need to change boundaries to adjust to population shifts. The last time new districts were drawn in Syracuse was 2002.

Common Council President Helen Hunt has introduced a measure modeled after the highly regarded Austin, TX Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Check back for the dates, times and locations of planned public hearings on this proposal. A vote on this proposal is expected in April.

Syracuse Elected Officials and Candidates Support Ending Gerrymandering

I Pledge to support and advance fair redistricting that is transparent, non-discriminatory and politically impartial.

County Legislature:
1st District – Justin Neal (D) and Brian May (R)
2nd District – James Rowley (R) and Nodesia Hernandez (D)
3rd District – Gary Williams (D) And Tim Burtis (R)
4th District – Judith Tassone (R) and Kathy Zabinski (D)
5th District – Jessica Bumpus (D) and Deb Cody (R)
6th District – Julie Abbott-Kenan (R) and Susan Scheuerman (D)
7th District – Mary Kuhn (D) and Courtney Hills (R)
8th District – Chris Ryan (D)
9th District – Peggy Chase (D)
10th District – Mark Matt (D) and Kevin Holmquist (R)
11th District – Irene Workman (D) and John McBride (R)
12th District – Jennifer Blusk (D) and Dave Knapp (R)
15th District – Miles Bottrill (R), Misse Ross (WF), and Bill Kinne (D)
16th District – Vernon Williams (D)
17th District – Linda Ervin (D)

Syracuse Councilor-at-Large:
Michael Greene (D)
Frank Cetera (G)
Rita Paniagua (D)
Tim Rudd (D)

Syracuse Common Council:
1st District – Jay Subedi (WF)
2nd District – Pat Hogan (D) and Bill Bass (G)
5th District – Joe Driscoll (D)