Trolley Tour of DC’s Congressional Fundraising Hotspots

    Media Contact
  • Dale Eisman

Mary Boyle, Common Cause, (202) 736-5770

Adam Smith, Public Campaign, (202) 640-5593

Stops Include Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – Culminates with Rally Outside Capitol Hill Club at 12 Noon

See Betsy Ross Try to Gain Access to Smoke Filled Rooms!

The Campaign for Fair Elections, which includes Common Cause and Public Campaign, as well as the “Founding Fathers” of our country, will lead a trolley tour of hotspot congressional fundraising on Wednesday, June 30. This tour will feature Founding Fathers in authentic costume, lamenting our corrupting campaign finance system that assures special interests a far louder voice in our democracy than average working Americans.

June 30 is also the last day of the second financial quarter and members of Congress will be trying to fit in as much last-minute fundraising as possible to meet their campaign money goals.

What: Trolley-led fundraising tour

Where: Capitol Hill and downtown DC locations

10am: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 430 S. Capitol Street SE

11am: Podesta Group, 1001 G St., NW

Finale at 12pm: Capitol Hill Club, 300 First St, SE

Who: The Campaign for Fair Elections (includes Common Cause and Public Campaign)

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross

Background: As we head into the July 4th weekend, this is a tour led by our Founding Fathers to highlight the huge amount of time and effort members of Congress must spend fundraising because of the demands of our corrupting campaign finance system. The Founding Fathers will lament this system, and talk about how this was not how they intended our democracy to function. This tour is also a call for Congress to pass the Fair Elections Now Act (H.R. 1826, S. 752), legislation that would make elected officials accountable only to their constituents, not corporate backers or lobbyists.

Reporters are encouraged to reserve a space on the trolley.

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