The facts are clear, the alleged five million votes are fake

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  • Scott Swenson
Republicans, election officials, state leaders, election experts, members of Congress, and advocates agree

A democracy in which every citizen can participate,  and every citizen’s voice is heard, is what makes America strong.  The right to vote is the very bedrock of our democracy.  

 “The facts are clear; the research has been done. Election officials, leaders of the President’s own party, and other leading election experts confirm that there is no evidence of election tampering as President Trump alone claims,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause.  “There simply is no alternate fact.”  

 “Rather than make false claims that result in voter suppression – our elected leaders should work to ensure that the backbone of our democracy, every eligible American’s right to vote, is made free, fair, and accessible,” said Hobert Flynn. 

 “That’s why we are urging the Senate to reject the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  Sen. Sessions, dismissed the need for  the Voting Rights Act, a law that for fifty years ensured Americans voted free from discrimination. We need a truly independent Attorney General, who will uphold the law, not ignore voter suppression targeted at communities of color and students.

 It is also why we support Senator John McCain’s call for a bipartisan, Select Committee to investigate Russian influence and hacking in the 2016 election, for which there is already overwhelming evidence from the intelligence community. President Trump should want to get to the bottom of the real threats, not fabricate new ones.”