Statement from Bob Edgar on Senate Commerce Committee vote to delay FCC move to consolidate media

The Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday unanimously passed a bill to block a Federal Communications Commission vote Dec. 18 on loosening its ban on newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Kevin Martin has said that he intends to hold a vote in mid-December on new rules that would allow for greater media consolidation. He has provided only 18 business days for public comment on his proposal.

“A diverse and competitive media is essential for America’s democracy,” stated Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause. “Not only is greater consolidation of the media bad for America, but a process that would allow it without giving the public enough time to comment on it is not how our democracy is supposed to work. I commend the members of the Senate Commerce Committee on unanimously supporting a bill to rein the FCC in. Now, we urge the full Senate to adopt this bill.”