Statement by Bob Edgar on posh fundraiser for incoming House freshmen

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  • Dale Eisman

Washington’s political money men, and women, have begun their seduction of the 112th Congress’ freshmen members, and they didn’t even wait for those members to take office. Politico today reports that a lavish fundraiser with tickets going for as much as $50,000 per package, will be held tonight at the posh W Hotel in Washington DC to benefit a dozen Republican House members.

“Special interests see this as prime time to spend big and buy access and influence to new lawmakers who they will later call on for legislation and policies that benefit their bottom lines, not ours,” said Common Cause President Bob Edgar. “This is exactly what Americans are furious about, and should be. These new members of Congress should remember that they were elected to serve the public interest – not the interest of lobbyists who buy $50,000 tickets – and the public will be watching.

“This cycle will be repeated over and over again, regardless of which party is in power, unless we change the way we pay for political campaigns,” Edgar said. “We need to get special interests out of the business of funding our elected officials.”

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