IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups Is Unacceptable

Real Scandal Is IRS’ Lax Enforcement of Tax Laws on Both Sides of Aisle

Common Cause is outraged at reports that the Internal Revenue Service targeted some groups for review based on their names or political affiliations – real and perceived, and that cannot be tolerated.

Just as outrageous however, is the hypocrisy of those – Sen. McConnell comes immediately to mind — who already are trying to use the IRS’ misconduct as a club to beat down any enforcement of the tax laws when it comes to non-profits that are created and exist solely to influence political campaigns.

It is painfully apparent that among the multitude of these groups launched across the ideological spectrum since Citizens United, a substantial number are so dedicated to electoral campaign activity that their applications for tax-exempt status should have been rejected out of hand. The scandal here is that the IRS is not being more aggressive in its enforcement – on the right AND the left.