Defunding of Corporation for Public Broadcasting a Blow to Heartland: Statement of Michael Copps

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  • David Vance

The President rails against “fake news,” but in eliminating the Corporation for Public Broadcasting his budget plan would sever the financial lifeline of scores of public TV and radio stations that are among the most reliable, trusted sources of real news for millions of Americans. 

A few of those stations, in affluent communities like New York, Washington, DC, and San Francisco, no doubt will survive with help from generous private donors. In the nation’s heartland however, this budget will force stations to eliminate vital local news, entertainment and cultural programming. A sensible budget would increase, not cut, taxpayer support for public broadcasting. 

Michael Copps served as a Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission from 2001–11, and as acting chairman for a period in 2009. He is a special adviser for Common Cause.