Common Cause releases edit memo on DC voting rights

Dear editorial writer,

When Congress returns to Washington, DC for the remaining few days of the post-election session, lawmakers will consider a critical piece of voting rights legislation, the DC Voting Rights Act. The bill would provide some 600,000 citizens of the District of Columbia with voting representation in the House of Representatives, while also giving Utah another House seat. The legislation will likely be voted on during the week of Dec. 4.

Common Cause is urging passage of this legislation to correct a 200-year-old injustice for District of Columbia residents who deserve the same right of representation in Congress as all other Americans. District of Columbia residents pay federal income taxes, serve on juries, and fight in wars to defend and protect American democracy. They should have a voting voice in the US House.

Common Cause has prepared an edit memo on the subject, with background and other information, and highlighting the rare bipartisan efforts around the DC Voting Rights Act.

Please click here to read the 3-page memo.