Common Cause Hails Reported Collapse of Comcast/Time Warner Cable Merger

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  • Dale Eisman

When Comcast announced its plan to buy Time Warner Cable 14 months ago, it looked like a done deal. Two huge, politically connected companies decided to join in a merger that would have controlled 52% of the broadband market.

But, with an enormous outpouring of citizen opposition, 800,000 public comments submitted to the FCC, and real investigation by regulators, the deal began to sag, public opinion about it started to change, Wall Street started lowering the odds of its success, and gradually what seemed inevitable came undone.

Here are reactions from Common Cause leaders to the news that Comcast is walking away:

Statement by Common Cause President Miles Rapoport

“As we saw in February when the FCC adopted strong rules to protect the free flow of information online, citizen voices can still make a difference in our government’s decision making. More than 800,000 Americans told the FCC that the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger would be bad for competition and innovation; their arguments were well-founded and have now carried the day. This is their victory.”

Statement by Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner, special advisor to Common Cause’s Media and Democracy Reform Initiative

“Comcast’s withdrawal of its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable would be spectacularly good news for consumers concerned about the spiraling cost of cable and broadband and for millions of citizens who want nothing more to do with gatekeeping and consolidation in the communications ecosystem on which our democracy depends.”

Statement by Todd O’Boyle, Program Director, Media and Democracy Reform Initiative

“Big Cable learned the hard way that their lobbyists can’t silence the voice of the people. Once again this year, grassroots activists spoke out and Washington regulators listened. Comcast’s insider politics can’t beat us when we stand together.”