Cantor claim contradicts business group’s sworn filing to IRS

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  • Dale Eisman

Common Cause appreciates Leader Cantor’s quick response to our letter of today. However, many questions remain.

Common Cause’s inquiry to him and our referral to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) were based on public records, including the American Legislative Exchange Council’s 2009 tax filing characterizing the Thomas Jefferson Award as a “cash grant.” While the tax form provides space for notations of non-cash awards, nothing in ALEC’s filing, which its representative swore was accurate, indicates the money was used for purchase of a bust or plaque, as ALEC now asserts; if the filing was inaccurate or incomplete, ALEC should correct it promptly.

ALEC’s statement today suggests that the value of the bust presented to Mr. Cantor was $1,350; if that’s the case, we believe Mr. Cantor was required by House rules to disclose it.

Given the conflict between the ALEC filing and statements today by ALEC and Mr. Cantor, the OCE should investigate the matter and independently determine the nature of the award.