71,00 Calls Report Early Voting Problems In Key States; 3 Election Day Media Briefing Scheduled

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Common Cause

For Immediate Release Contact: Kawana Lloyd, Jessica Smith,

Monday, November 1, 2004 Michelle Mulkey, 202-822-5200

* ELECTION DAY MEDIA UPDATES: 10am, 3pm, & 8pm EST *

71,000 Calls Report Early

Voting Problems In Key States;

3 Election Day Media Briefings Scheduled

1-866-MYVOTE1 Alert Line and On-the-Ground Accounts

Create One-Stop Source on All Types of Voting Problems

To interview or book Chellie Pingree, President of Common Cause,

contact: Kawana Lloyd or Jessica Smith at: 202-822-5200

Common Cause, the national non-partisan advocacy organization, continues to hear from many voters who say they never received requested registration cards or absentee ballots. More than 71,000 calls have come in to a voter alert line, 1-866-MYVOTE1, which Common Cause is operating with a consortium of groups. NBC is promoting the alert line.

Through Election Day, a team of analysts will record voter comments and code them into eight categories – problems with a voter registration status; identification issues; machine malfunctions; ballot or screen problems such as incorrect or confusing ballots or screens; a belief by the voter that the ballot was confusing; denial or lack of access to provisional ballots; voter experience of intimidation, and problematic access to the polling place.