TONIGHT – Citizens Election Programs on the Agenda for Councils’ Action

6 pm – Howard County Council to consider emergency fix

7 pm – Anne Arundel County Council to consider charter amendment resolution

Tonight, two Maryland County Councils are expected to act on local Citizens’ Election programs.  

  • At 6:00 pm, the Howard County Council will vote on emergency legislation clarifying who is eligible for funds and authorizing the distribution of funds. Livestream will be available here. Read January 11, 2022 press release “Coalition Calls on Howard County Executive and Council to Save Fair Elections Program” here. In 2016, Howard County voters approved a Charter Amendment, Question A, to create the Citizens’ Election Fund and direct the County Council to finalize a program for small donor public financing. The 2022 elections will be the first to be held under the Fair Elections system.
  • At 7:00 pm, the Anne Arundel County Council will hold a public hearing on a proposed charter amendment requiring a system of public campaign financing for candidates for County Executive and County Council. Livestream will be available here. Read January 4, 2022 press release “Fair Elections Fund Resolution Introduced in Anne Arundel County” here. Read testimony of Common Cause Maryland Policy & Engagement Manager Morgan Drayton here. If approved by the Council, the county charter amendment will be submitted to the voters on the November 2022 general election ballot.

The Fair Elections Maryland Coalition, co-led by Common Cause Maryland, has worked to successfully help pass resolutions for charter amendments establishing similar programs across the state. Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County have already established Fair Elections Funds. 

Fair Elections programs have proven popular with voters across Maryland and are effective in empowering small donors

Maryland has had a public financing system for gubernatorial campaigns since the 1970s.