PG County Voters Deserve an Accessible Special Election

Following former Prince George’s County Council member Mel Franklin’s resignation, the Council which determines the manner in which the special election will take place is considering CR-060-2024. No details have been provided on when they plan to adopt the resolution and whether they plan to hold a public hearing. 

Common Cause Maryland urges the County Council to be transparent in their planning by making public all meetings related to the planning of the special election, with advance notice of any closed portions of the meeting. The watchdog also urges them to hold an election that ensures voters have the greatest opportunity to make their voices heard in filling the vacancy. 

Joanne Antoine, executive director at Common Cause Maryland, issued the following statement: 

“It is concerning that the County Council is having critical discussions about a county-wide special election behind closed doors. Transparency is vital, especially given the actions that have led to this special election. It is also crucial that adequate funding be made available to conduct the election. Building trust in the local government and maximizing turnout should be the only priority.

“A last-minute, late-summer election is not ideal, but mailing ballots with advance notice to the voter so they know a ballot is on the way can help prevent low turnout. Mail-in ballots ensure that the election is accessible to those traveling, and is a secure and familiar means for voting for Marylanders. We urge the Council to amend the resolution to include mail-in voting and to work in consultation with the State Board of Elections.”