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Public News Service 2024 Talks – April 18, 2024

Maryland lawmakers failed to improve voting access for formerly incarcerated voters this session.

Voting & Elections 04.17.2024

Maryland Lawmakers Fail to Pass Voter Reg. for Returning Citizens

“Maryland had an opportunity to prioritize access to voter registration for those impacted by the criminal legal system, but let politics get in the way."

Voting & Elections 04.16.2024

Maryland House Fails Voters on Special Elections

Filling empty seats in the state legislature continues to preference party leaders over voters

Voting & Elections 03.12.2024

Group whose chairman challenged 2020 presidential vote count sues Maryland elections board

“We stand with the Board of Elections and election officials across the state, and we hope that this lawsuit is swiftly rejected by the court.”

Voting & Elections 03.12.2024

A group plans to challenge election boards nationwide. Maryland’s is the first.

A reminder: Maryland’s elections are considered a national model.

Voting & Elections 03.12.2024

Lawmakers debate bills to improve quality of life behind bars for MD inmates

Lawmakers are debating how to help the prison population this session.

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