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Advocates for Open Government call on Senate and House Leadership to ensure public access during the 2022 legislative session

Common Cause MD and other organizations are calling on both the Senate and House of Delegates to improve their COVID-19 public-access protocols - and to make them permanent.

Money & Influence 01.4.2022

Fair Elections Fund Resolution Introduced in Anne Arundel County

If the County Council passes the resolution, this will put the question of creating a Fair Elections Fund on the ballot for public vote in the November 2022 Election.


Baltimore County Council passes Fair Election Fund in bipartisan vote, including spending limits and increased qualifying thresholds

Baltimore County joins 5 other jurisdictions in Maryland in enacting campaign finance reform. Proponents of the program say it will serve as a counterweight to traditional campaign financing which depends on large and corporate donors.

Common Cause Announces Baltimore, MD Artist as Winner in 2021 “My Voice, My Art, Our Cause” Artivism Contest

The competition, designed by the Common Cause Student Action Alliance, invited youth ages 14-28 to raise their voices on any set of nine democracy issues, including access to voting, campaign finance reform, fighting against gerrymandering, and more.

Money & Influence 11.15.2021

Baltimore County: Bill Implementing Question A Filed Today

Baltimore County has moved one step closer to implementing a Fair Election Fund, as voters directed in the November 2020 elections. Today, County Council President Julian Jones introduced legislation creating a small donor public campaign financing option.

Money & Influence 10.16.2021

MoCo Candidates Learn About Public Election Fund Program for 2022 Elections

The Montgomery County Public Election Fund was the center of conversation during a forum last night hosted by Common Cause Maryland. Candidates and potential candidates for Montgomery County Executive and Montgomery County Council learned how to run a “people-powered campaign” rather than one driven by “Big Money” donor interests.

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