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Voting & Elections 06.26.2020

Governor urged to ‘immediately’ give SBE ‘clear direction’ for November elections

In the wake of the June 2nd primary elections, which saw long lines at polling places, Maryland voting rights organizations today urged Governor Larry Hogan to "immediately instruct" the State Board of Elections (SBE) regarding planning for November 3rd. The groups urged Gov. Hogan to direct the SBE "to mail every active voter a ballot and expand in-person and early voting options."

Voting & Elections 05.20.2020

Voting Rights Groups Urge Board of Elections to Take Mitigating Actions

Week-long Delay in Mailing Ballots Disadvantages Baltimore Voters

Voting & Elections 05.12.2020

Advocates Urge Governor Hogan to Prioritize Funding for Voter Education

On Tuesday, May 12th, voting rights advocates called on Governor Hogan to immediately increase efforts to inform voters of election changes ahead of June 2nd Primary Election. Read our letter.

Voting & Elections 04.28.2020

Today’s special election in Maryland CD-7 tests state’s vote by mail system

Today, voters in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District decide who will fulfill the remainder of Congressman Elijah Cummings’ term of office.  Due to COVID-19, this election is being conducted primarily by mail. Ballots were mailed to voters, starting April 8. In 2018, less than 5% of votes were cast by mail; and about 2% of mailed ballots were rejected rather than counted. Maryland does not yet have a process for voters to “cure” or correct ballots that have been rejected for reasons such as missing signatures. The state’s next election will be the presidential preference primary on June 2nd, which will also be conducted primarily by mail. 

Voting & Elections 04.12.2020

The Maryland State Board of Elections Must Provide In-Person Voting Option for Seventh Congressional District Special Election

We recognize the gravity of the circumstances created by COVID-19, and fully appreciate the work Maryland State Board of Elections staff have undertaken in the past few weeks to protect the health of the public while providing safe access to voting. But the Boards failure to provide any in-person voting option in the Seventh Congressional District Special Election will compromise the health of our democracy.

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