Threatening Voting Bill to ‘Wreak Havoc’ on GA Elections

ATLANTA – Tomorrow, the Georgia Legislature will vote on a harmful election House Bill (HB) 976 which could allow random websites to be used as sources for voter eligibility challenges, risking disenfranchising eligible voters through unreliable change-of-address data for voter registration verification.

The bill also overburdens election workers by mandating election officials provide high-resolution ballot images on-demand within three days of request and adding new, unnecessary chain of custody requirements. Also, HB 976 requires unhoused voters to use the county registrar’s office as their mailing address which creates undue burdens and logistical challenges for county staff.

Taxpayers could also feel the impact of the bill as it creates additional costs to election offices as they have to provide more staff and spend more hours to verify challenges.

After tomorrow’s vote, if passed, the bill will head to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

In response to the upcoming vote, Anne-Gray Herring, policy analyst of Common Cause Georgia issued the following statement:

“This dangerous bill does nothing to help voters and election workers. It will wreak havoc on Georgia’s elections and must be stopped.

“HB 976 poses a significant threat to our election workers and the voters of Georgia – we cannot afford to let this bill pass. It poses an unnecessary burden on workers and voters to comply with frivolous requirements that will only hinder the voting process. 

“The Georgia legislature should make it easier to vote, not harder. Redundant chain of custody process forces election offices to spend more money on equipment and resources to ensure compliance with HB 976. 

“Common Cause Georgia calls on the Georgia legislators to vote NO on this bill if they believe that Georgia voters should be put first. Voting should be free, fair and accessible for every eligible citizen, which is why we are spearheading efforts to protect and strengthen voting rights for all Georgians while ensuring that every vote is counted as cast.”