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Make a Date with Democracy Reform - Santa Clara County

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Library / April 30, 2018 6:00pm
San Jose, CA
Make a Date with Democracy Reform!

Fair district lines are the one of the critical cornerstones of a healthy democracy. In California we have been successful in establishing a non-partisan Independent Redistricting Commission to draw our assembly, senate and congressional districts. Because of this success, California Common Cause is a leader in the national redistricting reform movement! Our goal now is to implement local non-partisan independent redistricting commissions.

Make a date with democracy reform! You are invited to join California Common Cause’s presentation on local redistricting as we preview this new and exciting tool and discuss redistricting reforms in your community.

RSVP to "Make A Date with Democracy Reform" because the way district lines are drawn affects how politicians represent constituents’ interests. When communities are kept whole, we have a greater ability to elect candidates of our choice and hold politicians accountable. We don’t want politicians choosing their voters; we want voters choosing their politicians!

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