What We’re Reading, Week Ending July 18

What We're Reading, Week Ending July 18

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This week –High roaming fees, Congressional Ethics, Social Media, and Personalized Ads


How AT&T, Verizon Make Smaller Carriers Keep Prices High – Bill Snyder – CIO.com

This article explains how AT&T and Verizon manipulate the market to keep prices high for consumers and their competitors.  Snyder says that high roaming fees allow the companies to keep a virtual monopoly on the market.


How a Congressman, His Wife and a Lobbyist Mixed Politics, Personal Finances – R.G. Dunlop – Kentucky Center For Investigative Reporting

This extensive piece describes the personal, political, and professional connections between Kentucky Congressman Edward Whitfield, his wife, and lobbyist Juanita Duggan, including their joint ownership of vacation property.  It raises serious concerns about Whitfield’s ethics and the House’s ethical standards.

Why We’re Hooked On Social Networks – Thorin Klosowski– Lifehacker

This article attempts to explain why we are drawn to social networks.  It highlights some of the reasons we are attracted to social them.  Klosowski says the way we treat social networks preserves their importance in our lives and keeps us coming back for more.

This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads Whether you like it or not – Sam Thielman – Adweek

This article details how advertisers personalize web ads.  Advertisers record purchases and compare them to viewing habits, Thielman reports.  Doing this supposedly tailors ads for the consumer, but is also a problematic for privacy. 

Politics in the Modest Age – The Wall Street Journal

This remarkable read from the Wall Street Journal discusses President Truman’s post-presidency financial problems.  It describes Truman’s desire to live up to the presidential office by not selling himself out to private groups or corporations as he struggled with a large financial burden.  It is a good reminder about the importance of keeping big money out of politics.


For Further Reading:

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