What We’re Reading This Week – 7/3/14

What We’re Reading This Week – 7/3/14

This week – super PACs, the Voting Rights Amendment Act, Hobby Lobby, and Twitter

This week – super PACs, the Voting Rights Amendment Act, Hobby Lobby, and Twitter

Court: Super PAC not independent enough – Byron Tau – Politico

This week, a federal appeals court in Vermont ruled that the Vermont Right to Life Committee, VRLC, did not separate its two subdivisions enough to meet Vermont campaign finance laws – paving the way for super PACs to be subject to the same contribution limits as ordinary PACs.   The decision may also lead to upcoming cases about the definition of an “independent super PAC”, Tau said.

Congress Must Act to Bolster Voting Rights Act – Rep. Hank Johnson –  Huffington Post

In this article, Rep. Johnson focused on how the Voting Rights Act is not only necessary, but also is in dire need of an update to protect voting rights.  Rep. Johnson detailed how the Supreme Court striking down the VRA’s preclearance formula drastically reduced the power of the law to protect voters from discrimination.

Pandora’s Pills?: Supreme Court Decision In Hobby Lobby Case Could Be Disastrous – Simon Brown – Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

This helpful article gives a fresh look to the Hobby Lobby decision by explaining that the decision may allow corporations to reject many laws in the name of religious freedom. 

Hey Twitter, the Hobby Lobby Ruling Isn’t SCOTUSblog’s Fault – Josh Wolford – WebProNews

After the Hobby Lobby ruling came down, citizens took to Twitter to express their outrage at the decision.  Unfortunately, many directed their anger at @SCOTUSblog, the Twitter account of a blog about Supreme Court news, mistaking it for the Supreme Court itself.  SCOTUSblog played along, the results of which were rather humorous.

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