Urgent: Poll monitors needed in Lawrence

Urgent: Poll monitors needed in Lawrence

Earlier this week newspapers obtained and released a Secretary of State election observer report about problems during Lawrence’s preliminary in September. The findings were concerning to say the least.

The report cites extreme violations of basic election procedures and voters’ rights to secret ballots. There were instances of election workers giving ballots to people not on the voter rolls, looking over voters’ ballots, allowing candidates to electioneer inside the polling place and general “confusion and chaos.”

On November 5, Secretary Galvin’s office will be sending several more observers, but they do not have nearly enough staff to cover all of Lawrence’s polling places. That’s why Common Cause Massachusetts is recruiting poll monitors for Lawrence’s general election on Tuesday November 5.

Poll monitors are needed help to ensure fair and honest voting procedures. Volunteers can do a two or four hour shift — or longer. We will hold a webinar training at 5 p.m. on Wednesday October 30. Trained legal volunteers will also be involved, and together we will help ensure that all voters are able to exercise their franchise.

Sign up to be a poll monitor for Lawrence’s general election on November 5.

If you have any questions please call us at 617-426-9600 or send an email to me at tcreighton@commoncause.org.

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