Today is the day we fight back

Today is the day we fight back

Will you join us in demanding an end to mass surveillance?

Since our founding in 1970, Common Cause has fought back whenever the government abuses its power. We got our start standing up to the Nixon administration’s excesses, and since then we’ve shone a light on corruption and malfeasance to hold power accountable. Last year’s revelations that the NSA has engaged in massive surveillance of everyday Americans are deeply concerning, so today, we’re joining hundreds of other organizations and millions of Americans to demand reform.

Here’s what you can do:

Dial 202-552-0505 or click here to enter your phone number and our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation will connect you

Privacy Info: This telephone calling service is operated by Twilio and will connect you to your representatives. Information about your call, including your phone number and the time and length of your call, will be collected by Twilio and subject to Twilio’s privacy policy.

Calling Congress takes just five minutes and is the most effective action you can take right now to let your elected officials know that mass surveillance must end.

Here’s what you should say:

I’d like Senator/Representative __ to support and co-sponsor H.R. 3361/S. 1599, the USA Freedom Act. I would also like you to oppose S. 1631, the so-called FISA Improvements Act. Moreover, I’d like you to work to prevent the NSA from undermining encryption standards and to protect the privacy rights of non-Americans.

After you’ve taken action, share this on your social networks with the hashtag #StopTheNSA. Here’s a sample tweet:

Take a stand for privacy — let’s #StopTheNSA!

Today is the day we fight back. Will you join us?

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