So, on voting laws, Massachusetts is like North Carolina?

So, on voting laws, Massachusetts is like North Carolina?

When North Carolina passed its anti-voter bill this summer rolling back pre-registration, early voting, and Election Day registration, I was outraged. I hope you were too!

And then I thought about the voting rules in our own state. We’ve never even had the pre-registration, early voting, or Election Day registration laws that North Carolina rolled back. Fortunately, we have so far fought off voter ID in Massachusetts, but on many other accounts our laws are nearly as anti-voter as North Carolina’s are now! With decisive action we can change that, but we have to act today.

Tell your state legislators to support a stronger election modernization bill with pre-registration, post-election audits, and other pro-voter reforms.

The other week I wrote about a disappointing election modernization bill released out of committee. The bill includes online voter registration which is a great step in the right direction. But its early voting provision is woefully inadequate, and the bill doesn’t even include pre-registration and election audits (both passed by the House in 2012) or Election Day registration.

Passed together these reforms would transform Massachusetts from a laggard to a national leader in encouraging broad voter participation and election integrity. The election bill could come to the House floor any day. We all need to act right now!

Please urge your state legislators to support a better bill and communicate that support to the House Speaker and Senate President.

I know we can do better than North Carolina, and make Massachusetts a leader in defending voting rights for all our citizens.

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