Small Businesses are Leading Efforts to Support the For the People Act

The 2020 election cycle showcased an urgent need for comprehensive democracy and campaign finance reform as we battled voter suppression tactics and dark-money politics –amid a global pandemic– to exercise our right to vote. 

As a result of historic voter turnout, anti-democracy state lawmakers across the nation have rushed to enact restrictive voting laws that hinder our access to the ballot box.

However, we have the power to fight those restrictions and protect our democracy by passing the For the People Act (H.R. 1/ S. 1), a package of voting rights reform and anti-corruption legislation aimed to restore faith in our government and trust in our electoral system. 

Despite opposition from Senate Republicans who united in opposing the landmark legislation, which failed to advance in the Senate, the For the People Act has received bipartisan support from everyday Americans including from business owners, veterans and faith leaders.  We are standing together to urge our leaders to continue fighting for a future where our voices are not silenced by the wealthy and powerful.

Over the past week, hundreds of small business and community leaders from Georgia, Maine, and Alaska have joined Common Cause to urge their senators to do everything possible to make the For the People Act law, including fixing the filibuster. 

  • Read the sign on letter to Sen. King and Collins from Maine businesses and leaders like Lamey-Wellehan, Maine Council of Churches, the Maine Small Business Coalition, and hundreds of others. 
  • Read the sign on letter to Sen. Murkowski from Alaska business, advocates and community leaders like Mountain View Community Health, Sightline Institute, and the Alaskan Black Caucus.
  • Read the sign on letter to Sen. Warnock and Ossoff from Georgia business and faith leaders like Pilot Lite Productions, Exquisite Boutique and Zoom Coffee Roaster.

The fight for justice is not over, and failure is not an option. 

Together we can fight to ensure fair and inclusive elections and a transparent and accountable government, and that starts with passing the For the People Act

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