Money Out, Voters In!

Money Out, Voters In!

Voter suppression and money in politics pose huge threats to democracy, and we're doing something about it

The 2012 election, the first presidential race since Citizens United, was the most expensive in history. It had more outside spending and negative advertising than ever, and the millionaires and corporations who paid for it will expect a return on their investment”_ at our expense.

Election 2012 also saw unprecedented efforts to keep eligible voters away from the ballot box. From overbearing voter ID laws to curtailed early voting hours, too many state governments focused on making it harder, not easier, to vote. That’s not the way it should be.

These two trends”big money in politics and voter suppression”represent a dual threat to our democracy. Unless we take action, Lincoln’s ideal of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people could be out of our reach for good.

That’s why Common Cause is teaming up with the Money Out, Voters In coalition to sponsor a series of events in more than 65 cities in 32 states around the weekend of January 19th. This timing isn’t accidental; not only is it MLK Day weekend, it’s also the third anniversary of Citizens United.

We’re really excited to focus attention on these issues, and we’re hoping the weekend events will mobilize and energize people for the work ahead of us ” overturning Citizens United through a constitutional amendment.

More than seven million voters weighed in on this issue last year, and the response was overwhelming”75% of Montanans and 74% of Coloradans voted to instruct their legislators to ratify an amendment, and measures on the local level in California, Massachusetts, and elsewhere passed by similar margins.

We’re excited to see how many people have taken the time to make their voices heard and fight for democracy. Please join us this weekend in saying, “Money Out, Voters In!

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