Election Reform Forum in California

Election Reform Forum in California


Last Thursday, California Common Cause policy advocate Phillip Ung and state board member LeeAnn Pelham joined a panel of speakers to discuss electoral reform for the nation and the Golden State.

The forum was hosted by freshman Congressman Jared Huffman (CA-2) and included Congressman John Larson (CT-1) who chair’s the House Democratic Caucus’ task force on election and campaign finance reform. The event took place on the campus of Dominican University of California in San Raphael, CA.

Representative Huffman was open and honest about the fact that both Congressmen spent the night in San Francisco helping raise a million dollars with President Barack Obama. He noted how ironic it was that they were raising money the night before and now had to speak on the issue of campaign finance reform that morning. To their credit, both Congressmen have signed on as coauthors to overturn Citizens United through a constitutional amendment.

There were other speakers including Emily Rusch, executive director of CalPIRG and Professor David McCuan of Sonoma State University.

The engaged voters who attended the event were well-informed on a wide range of issues including Supreme Court cases and pending legislation.

We hope more members of California’s congressional delegation to show their support for campaign finance reform by holding similar events.

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