Chris Hayes and Ari Berman are All In on Hofeller Papers

The unpacking of evidence from Thomas Hofeller's papers reveals more lies by the North Carolina GOP and how those lies allowed them to continue minority-rule in the state legislature.

Thomas Hofeller was a major force in GOP gerrymandering and recent evidence demonstrated he was also behind a scheme to skew the 2020 Census by adding a “citizenship question.” The Constitution clearly states that the census is to count the total population. After Hofeller’s death, his daughter found several hard drives and other back-up files of his work that she entrusted to Common Cause. The documents are now the subject of intense litigation as they clearly hold the truths of how one man helped one party manipulate what is supposed to be a neutral process to divide the population equally into legislative districts, or to count the total population to ensure a fair distribution of federal resources and accurate apportionment of the population to draw congressional district lines.

As the latest revelation of from the Hofeller papers show the North Carolina GOP lied to the Court about their ability to meet court-ordered deadlines to re-draw maps, Chris Hayes and Ari Berman discuss the Hofeller papers on All In. Please watch and share this post.