Activists Stand Up Across the Country – Our Democracy is Not For Sale

Activists Stand Up Across the Country - Our Democracy is Not For Sale

The Supreme Court was doing its best on Wednesday morning to sell off American democracy and transform it to government of, by, and (especially) for the rich.

And before dusk, thousands of people across the country were standing up with a simple reply: Just a minute — our democracy is not for sale.

In front of a JC Penney store in Salem, OR, outside Chicago’s iconic city hall, on the steps of the Massachusetts statehouse in Boston, and in more than 130 other places in 38 states, folks gathered to protest the court’s 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.

Secretaries and schoolteachers, electricians, ironworkers, single moms, salesmen, students, firefighters and retirees — people from every walk of life — grasped what the court’s majority could not: big money is corrupting our government and corroding our politics.

IMG_0935 Chicago, Illinois


image Albuquerque, New Mexico


McCutcheon rally group shot Boston, Massachusetts


Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland


Oregon McCutcheon 1 Portland, Oregon


CA Common Cause SF Rally San Francisco, California


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