‘A Two-Tiered Society’

'A Two-Tiered Society'

Twenty-three years ago, as Secretary of Labor, Common Cause National Chair Robert Reich warned of a coming threat to our democracy.

Twenty-three years ago, as Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich delivered this chilling warning about the impact on our democracy of the widening gap between the richest Americans and everyone else. We can see Reich’s prophecy coming true all around us today, as a documentary film based on his book, “Saving Capitalism” premieres. Reich now serves as chair of Common Cause’s National Governing Board.

"We are on the way to becoming a two-tiered society…"

In 1994, I delivered a warning to Washington: growing economic inequality would cause widespread distrust in our political institutions, and that frustration could easily be maniuplated to turn us against each other. Part of the speech made it into our new documentary, "Saving Capitalism," which comes out tomorrow on Netflix.

Posted by Robert Reich on Monday, November 20, 2017