60 Wisconsin State Legislative and Statewide Candidates Pledge Support for Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform

60 Wisconsin State Legislative and Statewide Candidates Pledge Support for Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform

Sixty Wisconsin candidates pledge support for redistricting reform.

As of the end of September, 60 candidates on the November 4th ballot for state legislative or statewide office have pledged support for non-partisan redistricting reform based on the “Iowa Plan” to be in effect for Wisconsin’s next redistricting process in 2021. These are candidates who have pro-actively contacted CC/WI.

Are the candidates you support for the Wisconsin Assembly, State Senate or for statewide office (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer) on this list? If not, you should contact them and urge them to add their name to the list. And if they refuse to do so you should ask them why? And let us know!

An unprecedented 19 daily newspaper editorial boards support this common sense, non-partisan political reform. So does the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites. Voters ought to select their elected representatives, not the other way around – as is currently the case in Wisconsin. Only about ten percent of the 99 Assembly Districts and 17 State Senate Districts are even remotely competitive this year. And not a single congressional district of Wisconsin’s eight is considered truly competitive at least “on paper” in 2014. That’s just pathetic.  

You can do your part to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin by contacting candidates running in your area for the Assembly and State Senate (and all statewide candidates) and urging them to support non-partisan redistricting reform (the Iowa Plan). Then tell them to contact us.

Candidates or their authorized campaign proxies can contact CC/WI by phone: 608/256-2686 (leave a message if no answer) or by email.  But they better hurry. Only five weeks to go until Election Day.


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