12 year old’s speech should inspire us to #UpdateTheVoteMA

12 year old's speech should inspire us to #UpdateTheVoteMA

In July, the North Carolina legislature passed and the Governor signed the “country’s worst voter suppression law.” But that isn’t discouraging 12 year old Madison Kimrey. She is speaking out with force and passion, calling the repeal of pre-registration what it is, a concerted attempt to decrease voter engagement among young Americans like her.

Her speech against North Carolina’s restrictive voting laws this past Monday (watch the full video above) is sure to inspire many in North Carolina to restore and protect voting rights. And it shouldn’t stop there. It inspires me to continue the campaign for pre-registration and other pro-voter reforms in Massachusetts, a state that has never even had North Carolina’s anti-voter bill got rid of. It should inspire you to do the same!

The Massachusetts Election Laws Committee released a sub-par bill that doesn’t include pre-registration and many other critical election modernization measures that will increase voter turnout and confidence in the integrity of electoral system. There is still time to strengthen it, but we need more folks willing to follow the amazing lead set by Miss Kimrey and demand reform.

Let’s harness her courageous action and inspiring words to #UpdateTheVoteMA!

Write your legislators today to strengthen the election modernization bill to ensure free, fair, and accessible elections for all.

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