A warm welcome to the rekindled Common Cause

A warm welcome to the rekindled Common Cause

News Journal Editorial

February 27, 2010

It’s been almost three years since Delaware had a local chapter of Common Cause. The local version

imploded in 2007 after a convoluted and as yet not completely clear internal dispute.

Among the problems the group faced was the refusal of its public persona, lobbyist John Flaherty,

to renew his contract with the local chapter. As internal turmoil continued, the national Common

Cause decided to shut down operation in Delaware. Local politicians and Dover legislators couldn’t have

been happier.

Often referred to by the politicos as “Common Curse,” Common Cause has been the most

consistent and straightforward supporter of open government for the past 40-plus years. The public

has been able to depend on Common Cause’s position to be one that supports the right way to do

the government’s business without the burden of partisan politics weighing down one side or the

other of an argument.

Generally speaking, those in public life who support the goals and efforts of Common Cause are

considered by many to be the good guys.

The national Common Cause has brought in veteran executive James Browning to help coordinate the

reconstituted organization. Jeffrey A. Raffle, a professor of public administration at the University

of Delaware, has agreed to be the local chapter’s new new president, a good choice.

And he and former board member Chuck Durante have put together an impressive board of directors.

We wish them good luck.