Applying to Serve on the Commission

In 2018, Colorado voters took politicians’ power to draw their own election maps away and put that power in the hands of voters by creating a fair, impartial, and transparent redistricting process. If you are a registered Colorado voter, you are eligible to apply!

Colorado has officially opened the application process! The application window will be open through November 10, 2020.

Why should you apply?

Be a part of Colorado’s history

Colorado is about to engage in a historic redistricting process that will ensure that elections are fair and representative in our state. Only 24 registered voters will serve on Colorado’s first Independent Citizens Redistricting Commissions. These Commissioners will be tasked with drawing the first set of election district maps under Colorado’s new redistricting reform amendment.

You have the power

 Before Colorado passed the redistricting reform amendment, politicians had the power to draw their own lines. Now, voters – not politicians – have that power.

Help represent Colorado fairly, impartially, and transparently 

You can help ensure that all Coloradans are represented fairly in the next set of election district maps!

No experience is necessary

You don’t need to have a PhD or years of experience as a cartographer. As a Commissioner, you’ll have access to data, tools, and experts who will help you draw the lines. 

Want to learn more before you decide?

Learn more about how the final 13 Commissioners are chosen.

Commission Selection Process

The required steps for selecting the independent redistricting commission are set forth in the amendments.

The Redistricting Timeline

Colorado’s first redistricting process under amendments Y&Z. Review the upcoming 2021 redistricting cycle timeline.

Colorado Redistricting Commission: Frequently Asked Questions  

Learn more about Serving on the Colorado Redistricting Commission.