What is the timeline for Colorado redistricting process under amendments Y&Z

Below is a high-level timeline of Colorado’s first redistricting process under amendments Y&Z. The process will repeat every 10 years using new census data.


General Election: On November 6, 2018, 71% of Colorado voters passed amendments Y&Z that created a redistricting process where voters – not politicians – draw the lines.


Commissioner Recruitment Ensuring there is a fair, diverse, and representative pool of applicants with clear expectations and understanding of responsibilities.

Census: Working with coalition partners to ensure a representative count, particularly in “hard-to-count” populations.


Independent Redistricting Commission Meets and Public Engagement Begins: Empowering commission members with the tools and expertise to draw fair and transparent districts and helping citizens provide effective, localized testimony and maps to the commission.


Primary and General Elections: First elections with fair, impartial, and representative maps.