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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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YES, I agree we need vote-by-mail, online registration, & early voting.

Common Cause has decades of experience with protecting voters under difficult circumstances — natural disasters, computer failures, and everything in between.

So, while we’ve never seen anything like this pandemic, I’m confident we’ll be able to find the best solutions to protect public health and maintain voter access.

This means establishing or expanding vote-by-mail in every state where it’s viable for the November elections. And everywhere else, we’ll do everything possible to expand participation — early voting, online registration, and additional voting accommodations.

The truth is, Common Cause’s work to protect voters in 2020 has grown more necessary in the past few weeks. That’s why we’re counting on you, if you’re able, to step up with the resources to make it possible. I hope you will do what you can to help today.

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Common Cause wins concrete, pro-democracy reforms that break down barriers to participation, ensure each of us has an equal voice and vote, and rebuild trust in our government.

By empowering people like you to make change, we have an impact in every congressional district and state legislature.

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Common Cause has members and supporters in every state and each of the 435 congressional districts, with 30 states in our network.

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We Demand Democracy

Tell Congress: pass the For The People Act to improve access to voting, make redistricting fair, improve the integrity of our voting systems and get big money out of our elections.

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Overturn Citizens United

Join with us to overturn the Citizens United decision and build a democracy in which every voice is represented, not just the voices of a few wealthy special interests.

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