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Money & Influence 12.10.2018

Chronic Criticism of CRMC Board as Calls for Reform Intensify

Since its founding, Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Management Council has been criticized by both environmentalists and developers. The state agency has several charges, but much of the animosity stems from how the agency issues permits for coastal development.

Money & Influence 10.12.2018

R.I. Republicans accuse D.C. Democrats of campaign finance offense

Republican chair for state party says pro-Raimondo PAC did not disclose donations properly. Rhode Island Republicans have accused Democrats in Washington of breaking state campaign finance law by failing to disclose the national donors helping to bolster Gov. Gina Raimondo’s bid for reelection.

Money & Influence 08.25.2018

Candidates Come Out Swinging Following Fung Scandal

Just hours after an investigation exposed "irregularities" in rent payments for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung's campaign headquarters, his fellow candidates for governor fired at him, decrying Fung's actions.

Money & Influence 08.22.2018

Fung warned about campaign HQ rent

A flurry of allegations that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a GOP candidate for governor, got a special deal on the rent for his campaign headquarters from a major developer in his city resulted in a warning — but nothing more serious — from the Rhode Island Board of Elections on Wednesday.

Money & Influence 07.17.2018

Ethics Commission to put all state, municipal officials’ financial disclosures online

Soon Rhode Islanders will be able to examine the financial disclosures of appointed and elected officials from the comfort of their couches. The state Ethics Commission on Tuesday agreed to allow Executive Director Jason Gramitt to proceed with an initiative to put the annual financial disclosure statements of more than 4,000 officials and candidates online.

Voting & Elections 07.13.2018

Political Roundtable: Significance Of SEC Probe For RI

John Marion, executive director of the good government group Common Cause of Rhode Island, joins Political Roundtable to discuss an SEC probe with a Rhode Island link, the recent General Assembly session, and fallout from recent endorsement controveries.

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