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Letter from Reform Groups to Speaker Ryan on Russian Intervention in U.S. Elections

Letter to Government Officials

Groups Call Out Speaker Ryan for His Failure to Take Any Action Against Foreign Intervention in Future Elections: Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan

Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan to remove Chairman Nunes from Russia Investigation

Letter to Government Officials

Watchdogs Challenge Irresponsible Nunes Memo that Trump Reportedly May Use to Get Rid of Deputy AG Rosenstein: Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan

What Has Happened to the Surplus Funds from the Inauguration?

Letter to Government Officials

We ask that the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee provide a full accounting of its expenditures and promptly distribute any surplus funds to donors or the General Fund of the Treasury.

Money & Influence 07.12.2017

Letter to Representatives Neil Combee and Mike La Rosa on ALEC

Letter to Government Officials

We urge representatives Combee and La Rosa to be transparent and accountable with their participation in ALEC.

Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the Russia Investigation

Letter to Government Officials

We urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation into the 2016 election.

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