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Meet Amanda …

Amanda  is the Deputy Director for Common Cause Texas. She also currently serves on the board of the Austin Lawyers Chapter of the American Constitution Society.

Before joining Common Cause, Amanda was a founding staff attorney at the Lone Star Justice Alliance, representing and supporting juvenile lifers in post-conviction appeals. She is the author of several reports on criminal justice reform including, Preventable Tragedies: How to Reduce Mental Health-Related Deaths in Texas Jails, and a comprehensive report on Texas PREA compliance. A graduate of The University of Texas School of Law, she used her time in law school to serve as student counsel in the Civil Rights Clinic, the Transnational Workers Rights Clinic through the Equal Justice Center, and the Legislative Lawyering Clinic. She did summer clerkships with the American Constitution Society and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. Before law school, she served as the legislative director for Texas House Representative Guillen while studying Rhetoric and Chinese at the University of Texas.

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