Fair Districts PA is a coalition of citizens and organizations working to ensure that political district maps are drawn in a fair and transparent way through a process that allows voters to choose their legislators rather than legislators choosing their voters. With leadership from Common Cause PA and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, groups from across the state have endorsed strong redistricting principles and passed resolutions in support of redistricting reform.
Because of political manipulation of electoral boundaries, very few of Pennsylvania’s electoral districts are considered competitive. In fact, a growing number of PA candidates now run unopposed – many with no opposition in either the primary or general election. When candidates run unopposed their constituents lose the ability to hold them accountable.

The coalition has voted to endorse two companion bills, Senate Bill 22 and House Bill 772 Both bills provide multiple safeguards for a fairer process, ensure a capable and demographically representative commission, and reduce the major political parties’ ability to manipulate district lines. While other redistricting initiatives have been introduced that address some of these concerns, they fall short of resolving the core conflicts of interest in today’s process.

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