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Voting & Elections 11.3.2020

With Voting Finished, Days-long Tabulation Process Begins

Polls have closed and voting may be finished, but tabulation of all the votes cast in the 2020 general election could take several days because of the high number of mail-in ballots, according to the nonpartisan Pennsylvania Election Protection Coalition.

Voting & Elections 11.3.2020

More than 2,500 Calls to Nonpartisan PA Election Protection Hotline

“This is exactly what election protection is about --- making sure voters know their rights and have a nonpartisan resource to turn to where they can get their questions answered and find an ally who will ensure they get to cast their vote without interference.”

Voting & Elections 11.3.2020

Nonpartisan Pennsylvania Election Protection Coalition Provides Update on Trends at Polling Places Statewide

The coalition is staffing a toll-free hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE, with volunteer lawyers who are trained on election law. The coalition also has about 2,000 volunteer poll monitors as well as a Vote Guardian program specifically to help anyone who witnessed attempts to intimidate voters at the polls. More than 850 volunteers are looking for and responding to social media posts from Pennsylvania voters with questions or problems.

Voting & Elections 10.19.2020

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Pennsylvania Election Case, Leaving Later Mail Ballot Deadline Intact

"Our democracy is stronger when every vote – whether it is cast in person or by mail – is counted. Today’s decision is a win for voters and for our democracy. But it’s important to know that by extending the deadline to receive voted mail in ballots, we will need to be even more patient in waiting for the results. It’s important that every single vote is counted as long as it is received by the deadline."

Voting & Elections 10.14.2020

PA Election Protection Coalition Working with Allegheny County Voters Affected by Midwest Direct Mailing

The Pennsylvania Election Protection Coalition --- a nonpartisan effort to ensure that every eligible voter can vote and that counties have the tools and policies in place to ensure a smooth election Nov. 3 --- today said their volunteers are available to help registered voters who are affected by the ballot image mapping error in Allegheny County.

Voting & Elections 10.10.2020

Federal Court Blocks Trump Campaign Efforts to Remove Ballot Drop Boxes in Pennsylvania

"Today’s decision is a ‘win’ for voters — and for a government ‘by the people’ — because it ensures Pennsylvania’s voters have clear choices about how to vote during this pandemic. People will be able to vote in-person on Election Day, vote-by-mail, or deposit their voted ballot in a drop box...."

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