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PA Supreme Court Appoints Chair of Legislative Reapportionment Commission – Without Any Public Process or Input

While we appreciate the quick work of the Court and congratulate Mr. Nordenberg on his appointment, we are disappointed that the process was conducted exclusively behind closed doors and that the LRC once again does not reflect the broad diversity that makes Pennsylvania special. 

Common Cause PA Urges Pennsylvania Supreme Court to use Transparent Process to Select Chair of Legislative Reapportionment Commission

"Pennsylvanians deserve a redistricting process that puts our communities, our values, and our experiences at the center."


Chauvin Verdict Was About Accountability and the Movement for Equity & Justice Continues

Voting & Elections 04.15.2021

Common Cause Pennsylvania Recommends Elections Improvements to add Transparency, Give Voters More Choices for How to Cast Ballots

“Every eligible Pennsylvanian wants to – and should – have a say in deciding which people and policies will determine the future for our families, community, and country. Pennsylvanians are not going to have faith in our government if there are new barriers to participation. The public reaction to Georgia’s anti-voter legislation shows exactly that -- cutting access leads to greater distrust.”


Common Cause Pennsylvania Statement on Georgia Shootings

Our elected officials must listen to the shared experience of this community. Truly listen. We support Senator Nikil Saval, the first Asian American in the Pennsylvania Senate, who spoke yesterday to address the attacks and provide important context about the damning history of anti-Asian hate and violence in our country. 

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