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Pennsylvania voters file application to intervene in congressional redistricting case, seeking to ensure a fair map

Today, a group of Pennsylvania voters who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to free and equal elections have filed an application to intervene in the cases.

A panel of Pennsylvania’s most powerful lawmakers released new proposed maps for the state’s House and Senate districts Thursday that could dramatically alter the balance of political power in Harrisburg for the decade to come — with the advantage swinging to the Democrats.

“We are particularly concerned with ensuring that Pennsylvania communities are protected and that all Pennsylvanians, but especially Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other voters of color have an equal opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice,” said Khalif Ali, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania.

Legislative Redistricting Committee Approves Preliminary State Legislative Maps

While we appreciate the thoughtful and careful approach that the LRC has taken to craft Pennsylvania’s maps, the preliminary maps approved today are only the first step in securing a fair, transparent, and participatory redistricting process.

Voting & Elections 09.22.2021

Pennsylvania's five-member panel redrawing the boundaries of state legislative districts has decided to roll back part of a new policy that dictates how state prison inmates are counted.

“We have talked to inmates who have said that, you know, in trying to contact representatives, it's been a non-responsive situation.” Says Khalif Ali, Executive Director of Common Cause Pennsylvania. Ali says these inmates don't feel adequately represented in prisons outside of their permanent addresses and will disenfranchise 7,000 people.

Pennsylvania LRC Rolls Back Decision; Will Allocate Only Some Incarcerated People in Their Home Districts

Today, the Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission voted to approve a resolution that effectively rolls back the much-needed prison gerrymandering reforms passed last month. The resolution seeks to count incarcerated people whose sentences are ten years or longer at the location they are currently housed in, rather than in their communities.  

Inquirer: An end to sinister prison gerrymandering is a racial justice victory | Opinion

Prison gerrymandering — the act of counting people for purposes of redistricting at the location of the prison instead of their home — is especially sinister. Not only are map makers silencing individual voices in government, they are in effect stealing representation from areas that are dramatically underserved while allocating that political power to whiter, more rural places that incarcerated people often have no connection to.

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