One important way we can support our neighbors today is to fill out the 2020 Census (by phone, mail, or online). If you haven’t already, please follow the steps on this page to get started.

Let’s Count Everyone!

Already taken the Census? Then, take the Be Counted Pledge — and commit to making sure at least 3 of your friends and neighbors fill out their Census forms, too!

It’s essential that we have a complete and accurate count of every person living in the United States, regardless of age, citizenship status, or where they live. Census data is used to allocate critical resources like public benefits, firetrucks, road repairs, and hospitals.

When our people are missing from the Census, resources and political power for our communities get assigned to somewhere else — somewhere that already has more money, more privilege, and more power.

Every home in the United States will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. You will have three options for responding online, by phone, and by mail.

In mid-March, households began receiving official Census Bureau mail with detailed information on how to respond to the 2020 Census.

Step 1: You will receive a
Letter in the Mail

Check the mail! In mid-March 95% of households will receive a letter in the mail inviting them to fill out their census form, online, on paper, or via phone. 

Most residences will receive a letter in the mail with a unique 12-digit ID in mid-March inviting them to fill out their census  form online.

Residences that the Census Bureau has determined does not have adequate broadband access, will receive a paper census form in the mail or in very remote areas, a visit from a census taker. Want to know how your community will be counted? Look at this map! 

Step 2: Fill Out the Form!

Fill out the form for everyone living or staying in your household. That includes babies, grandparents and roommates! Not sure who in your household, gets counted? Click here!

Online Option

Respondents can access the census via The form will be available in 13 languages which you can select at the top and bottom of the webpage. You can also change languages at any point while filling out your questionnaire.

Once you click “Start Questionnaire,” you’ll be directed to login with your unique 12 digit ID

Don’t have your unique ID when you want to fill out your form? No worries! You can still fill out the form without having a census ID.

Mail-in Option

Everyone that chooses not to fill out their form online, will get a paper form in the mail by the forth mailing from the Census Bureau.

Paper forms will be available in English and Spanish.

Households that the Census Bureau determines does not have adequate broadband access, will be able to fill out their form via paper on the first mailing. Or with a census taker in very remote areas. 

Call-in Option

Completing your census form by phone is an option for everyone!

You can call toll free 1-844-330-2020. The Call-in option also has toll-free numbers for the following languages: 


Step 3: Submit your questionnaire!

Everyone has the option to respond online, on paper or via phone through August 2020! But the earlier you respond the better! That way you lessen the chances of a census taker knocking on your door. 

On average it should take 10 minutes to complete your census form online or on paper. However, larger households may take longer to complete. 

Census FAQs

For more information about Census in your state please visit  

Why should I fill out the census?

Being counted in the census helps you and your family. Data from the census are used to divide over $1.5 trillion dollars of government funding annually for important services, like schools, libraries, food stamps, and health care. Data from the census are also used to divide up political representation in Congress and in your state; a complete count means fair representation for your community

Will citizenship be asked on the census?

The citizenship question will NOT be on the 2020 Census form.

How long will it take to complete the form?

There is no time limit. The Census Bureau estimates around 10 minutes. It is 10 questions, but we know that for people living in complicated households, it may take longer.

Do you have to complete the census online in one sitting?

Yes, for security reasons you need to complete the census in one sitting. The system will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Can I skip questions?

The online system will allow you to skip answering certain questions, with a verification that you would like to skip the question.

In what languages can I fill out my census form?

The online questionnaire and telephone assistance are available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog, Polish, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Japanese. The Census Bureau is producing language glossaries, language identification cards, and language guides in 59 non-English languages which are available at

Will I ever be emailed a form?

No, you will never be emailed a form.

Will any city or state government be able to see my response?

No, individual census responses can only be housed and kept within the Census Bureau.

Will the census cost me money?

The census will NOT cost anyone any money

What if someone left me off the form?

You can fill out the form online or by phone using the “I don’t have a Census ID”. At the end of the census, the Census Bureau will fill in and combine information on the backend.

What if I move after April 1st, 2020?

Each household is counted where they are April 1st, 2020. If you move after April 1st, you are still counted where you were living April 1st.

How do I spot census frauds and scams?

Census scammers may try to contact you by phone, mail, or home visit, or even direct you to phony websites.

No genuine census survey or agent can:

  • Ask for your Social Security number, bank, credit card, or account numbers
  • Ask when you leave for or return from work
  • Ask for money or donations
  • Ask for support for a political party
  • Threaten jail time

More info on how to spot scammers can be found here.